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01 July 2012 @ 10:26 am
This journal contains random fangirl thoughts, fandom updates, pic spams, profiles, and some real life stuff. I rarely post download links here and I don't write fanfics. Pic spams and personal stuff are friend-locked after a day or so. Please remember that this is both my PERSONAL and FANDOM JOURNAL. So, from time to time, I tend to rant about school and random stuff about real life.

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Where am I? : Philippines
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08 January 2018 @ 09:47 am
Last December, I talked about getting back into the fandom. I got the chance because of the holiday vacation, but now that it's back to work again, I wonder if I can still keep up with lots of things happening in the fandom everyday. Still, I plan on staying, I may not be posting a lot, but I will try and stay a fangirl. I'm very good at time management when I was in college, I might as well use it now. I'm thinking of focusing on work, well, because I have to and I don't want to be a failure, but all work and no play will make me dumb and stressed. Proper time management is the key. lol.

Stay strong mga kapatid! Hahaha. Gawin silang inspiration, hindi distraction. :) Good luck sa akin sa trabaho ko. Hahahuhu. I need motivation!

Oh, I'm on twitter  @krmejima
28 December 2017 @ 11:55 am
I'm doing this to help update myself with the recent stuff in EBiDAN, but this could probably help you too if you are interested in them. A lot of things are going on with their groups/units. I love how Stardust handle their artists and have a one big unit focused on their talents involved in performing (singing, dancing, acting), stage performances, and live events.

Ebidan is a group of young male actors and talents who belong to Stardust Promotion. It is composed of several units including DISH//, Choutokkyuu, and PrizmaX [Can I call them the big 3?]. Recently, many groups have been formed from much younger talents.

EBiDAN 39 & KiDS is a collective term for junior high school students and up (Ebidan 39) and elementary school student (Ebidan Kids). They have several bases in Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, Ngoya, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. [Probably, we can compare this to juniors in Johnny’s and Associates in training]. Derived units are M!LK, Sakurashimeji, MAGIC BOYZ, SUPER DRAGON, Stamen KiDS, AMEZARI, ZeBRA STAR. Before going on a hiatus, I follow the first 2 groups mentioned, and I am quite informed about the next 2. Not sure if I can post profiles, but I’ll try my best. Two members of M!LK are active in acting right now, so I bet they are getting more attention now.

EBiDAN THE STREET started in July 2015. Their activities include street live. There are few units under this, namely Satori Shonen Association, EDAMAME BEANS, and EBiSSH. Right now, EBiSSH is becoming more popular as a group, I’ve seen their MVs on their YT channel. [Choutokkyuu’s Takuya has a younger brother in this group].

After looking at Wikipedia (lol), they have many past units including CustomiZ and also have many past members.  

I just checked their official website (ebidan.jp). Apparently, they have this classifications (High, Next Hig, New Wave, and Kids). I think they are doing well with building up their units, newer groups have their own sites you can look into if you are interested [They are updated and neat].  DISH// definitely have made their name. Choutokkyuu and PrizmaX are getting there, I believe they are already established, I just want to see more people talking about them and listening to their music. I will look more into the newer groups, sometimes, I find them so awkward.

I think if you are looking for groups where you want to see their growth  and improvement or maybe get aways from Johnny's for a while, Ebidan has it. lol. 

DISH// will be releasing their new single “Katte ni MY SOUL” on February 21, 2018. Their song Katte ni MY SOUL will be the opening theme of the TV anime “Gintama: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen” premiering on January 7, 2018.

There will be 4 kinds including 2 limited editions, a period production LE, and a regular edition.

The tracklist for their single is as follows:

Limited Edition A
01.   Katte ni MY SOUL
02.   Doyuu Koto Nandai
03.   Sa-Ra-Band ~ Oretachi Sara Band~          
04.   Katte ni MY SOUL -instrumentral

30 min digest Hibiya Music Performance Autumn 2017 MUSIC BOIN!!

Limited Edition B

01.   Katte ni MY SOUL
02.   Doyuu Koto Nandai
04.   Katte ni MY SOUL –instrumental-
05.   Doyuu Koto Nandai –instrumental-
06.   BEAT MONSTER –instrumental-

Music Video and Making

Period Production LE

01.   Katte ni MY SOUL
02.   Doyuu Koto Nandai
04.   Katte ni MY SOUL Anime Size
05.   Katte ni MY SOUL –instrumental-

Music video and other inclusions

Regular Edition

01.   Katte ni MY SOUL
02.   Doyuu Koto Nandai
04.   Katte ni MY SOUL –instrumental-
26 December 2017 @ 09:22 am


Recently, I discovered a band called SHE’S. I was wandering in Youtube when their latest song, WHITE, popped up in my feed. I often do this in YT, searching for Japanese pop/alternative/punk rock bands in the recommendation corner. I just click and if I like the sound of it, I share it on my G+ for future reference. I actually have a lot of bands to check out, but apparently, I’m a lazy person, so I seldom get back to the bands I shared on G+. SHE’s kept on appearing on my feed and recently they released their 2nd album “Wandering”, I listened to the album preview, and decided that I download their album. I’m lucky enough to find it and I did not regret because I love their songs. 

I am sharing the lyrics of one of my favorite songs in the album, entitled Blinking Lights. This song got a very nice feel to it. 

Boku e no aizu no youni
Sairen ga narihibii te iru
Kangaeru no wa yame te shiranai furi o tsuzuketa  

Kizuka zu ni kizutsuke te
Wagamama ni wasure taku te
Nakami no nai tate to hokoo furikazashi te ita 

Kitto dare mo
Okubyō kaze ni fukare te wa
Kodoku ni nai te iru 

Soredemo deae ta yorokobi o utau
Boku wa nan do mo nan do demo
Kanashimi dai ta bun dake
Tsugini fuminarasu ippo wa
Okiku natte iru 

Tsugou ga warui koto ni
Me o fuse te i ta toshite mo
Tobira o nokku suru oto wa fue te iku kara
Sabakareru koto no nai
Tsumi o se ni shi ta mama
Kakushou nai gooru e ashi o susume te iru  

Tsugunau koto ga deki naku te mo 

Soredemo shiawase na asu o negau
Boku wa nan do mo nan do demo
Kanashimi nagei ta jikan no bun dake
Mukuwareru nante koto wa nai n da 

Sugata kae nagara
Uke ta kotoba no ya
Kowai nara douzo sokode
Todokoutte oke ba ii 

Soredemo deae ta yorokobi o utau
Bokura wa shiawase na asu o negau 

Anata ni deae ta yorokobi o utau
Boku ni mou tamerai wa nai
Kanashimi dai ta bun dake
Tsugini fuminarasu ippo wa
Okiku natte iru
Tsuyoku natte iru 

I will definitely dig more for their older songs and I’ll look forward to their future releases. I might as well share a list bands I listen to on my later posts.

25 December 2017 @ 06:24 pm

Recently, Sexy Zone had a cameo appearance on a Netflix drama "Fuller House". I'm very clueless about Netflix series, I haven't watched one actually. Though I plan on watching Furukawa Yuki's "Erased" and the one starring Johnny's WEST "Blazing Transfer Students". Okay, so at the 10th episode, Sexy Zone appeared and Marius Yo got a little role, a random Japanese idol roaming around the streets of Tokyo right before their concert. He got to use his English skills and his foreign looks. And we can't deny, that Marius is so kakkoi (puberty did so well). He gave out front row tickets to their concert. And the girl was even invited to the stage and gets to dance with them. And wow, if only it could happen in real life, it will be a fangirl's wish come true. Okay, Marius is so cute, I think it is nice to see him in a series.

Apparently, many were intrigue and questions were asked like "Is Sexy Zone even a real idol group?" I know their group name is a little bit misleading, I mean, they are so cute rather than sexy. Many doubted the name of there group, and thought it was all made up. But yes, SZ is a real group and 5 years and counting. Is this Sexy Zone's time to rise on the international scene? Probably, depends on the audience of the show. It will make them aware of the existence of the group.

Is Johnny's trying to reach out to the international scene? Through netflix? I still don't know what to think about this. But wow? Johnny san actually thought and agreed to all of these? If this will continue, maybe, just maybe, this will be good for J&A, especially for the international fans. Who knows? Hmm, I'm waiting to see what will happen. And will Marius keep appearing on the series?

Another news for today, V6's Okada Junichi and Miyazaki Aoi will be getting married.

Last night was Music Station Super Live 2017 and a lot of Johnny's performed. I think I'm really getting back into the fandom.
22 December 2017 @ 11:17 pm
Sexy Zone will be releasing their 6th album with the title "XYZ=repainting" on February 14, 2018. It will mark their finish line for their 5th year anniversary in the industry. What a weird title, right? On their site, it was stated that they will have a new start and a "new form" for the group. Hmm, I'm totally clueless.

Well, anyway, here are the album covers and tracklist.

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21 December 2017 @ 10:13 pm

I've been closely following Takumi Kitamura's new stuff from DISH//'s releases to his movies and doramas. His acting career has blossomed since last year  and he is definitely on the rise when he was casted with Oguri Shun in the movie "I Want to Eat Your Pancreas". He has 3 movies for 2017 and an upcoming movie and drama for 2018. When I first saw him in the drama Fallen Angel, I just felt that he got what it takes to be a true actor, very promising. I haven't watched all of his movies, especially the older ones, I find it hard to look for sources (or probably I'm just lazy). 

Honestly, I don't want to see him in live action shoujo manga- based movies. Haha. I know he is much more than the cool, pretty lead guys in shoujo stories (but I think it would be nice to see him in one or 2). I'm okay with romance, I remember giggling while watching Hidamari no Kanojo. I'm so happy he is getting good roles with probably good story lines. From his films starting 2013, I am still to watch Suzuki Sensei, Destruction Babies, and Sing My Life and of course the latest ones! He started with not so major roles, so I can see that he is getting there.  His 3 movies for 2017 are: 'I Want to Eat Your Pancreas', 'Love and Lies', and 'Tremble All you Want'. I so want to watch these movies now. For 2018, he has 'Over Drive'.

On the latest news, Takumi is included in the cast of a Fuji TV drama with the title, "Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru" starting on January 18, 2018, 10 PM. The story revolves around a "family" and their lives, tackles about pregnancy and homosexuality.

Takumi will be playing the role of Aoki, a homosexual who wants to have children. I'm not sure I read it right, but that's it! What a challenging role for him! I'm so excited to see him take on this role. He's still young but he gets to play difficult roles. This will help him grow to be a better and versatile actor. He will be paired with the actor, Misashima Hidekazu. 

About DISH//, it's so hard to look for DISH//- related stuff. Like, I only recently saw their music video for I'm Fish which they released months ago. One of the latest news I heard is that they will be providing a song for Gintama. 

I'm planning to post some pictures of Takumi later (just to keep this journal running hehehe)

14 December 2017 @ 09:48 pm


Guess what? I'm back in Livejournal. My last post was on January. I can't believe the year is ending so soon. Everything is so fast- paced, yet here we are struggling to find some more time.

I'm a pretty much active liker in twitter, not about fandom stuff, but rather on Philippine politics. My country is so messed up right now from the issue on war on drugs to extra judicial killings to personal agenda to dumb politicians to trying hard to be politicians to martial law to lumad killings/ harassment to dengvaxia and to many more. Will this ever end?

I'm also pretty active in Asian movies. I spend nights with movies, old or new. There are so many live action Japanese movies, especially shoujo stories. This is Yamazaki Kento's year. I am happy he got roles with a shounen story and not just shoujos where he always play the cool and quiet type. I'm looking forward to Jojo and Saiki and Hyouka. Next year, he will be playing a new character, so probably, he can show more of what he's got. Tao Tsuchiya also got a lot of movies this year, I really like her. I am excited to see her movie with Sato Takeru. Takuya, Takashi, and Takumi Kitamura from my beloved Ebidan also got movies! I think that this year, Takumi, was starting to get into more movies and hopefully, next year too! Ever since I watched him in Fallen Angel, I believed that he will make it big in the acting industry. I'm also fond of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thai and Korean movies. The last movie I watched was Campus Confidential where the usual rom com story turned creepy with its twist. I'll probably watch Cooking up a Storm and Blade of the Immortal next!

I'm still listening to Japanese music. I've been listening to MONOEYES, Radwimps, Da-ice, lol, Faky, a few Aimer (I think I should dig more!), and many random songs. Included in my playlist are Air Supply's Goodbye, I Can't believe my eyes, Even the nights are better, two less lonely people in the world (I believe air supply's version is the best!) and Ed Sheeran's Perfect (lol). I listen to some OPM bands, some songs included in my playlist are Wag Mong Aminin and 412.

Why am I trying to be active again in the Johnny's fandom? Nothing much, I just miss the feels and the excitement of being one. Hoping I can be successful with this comeback, lol (but, crappy internet!). I think I'll focus on the juniors, and HSJ, and Kisumai? Hmm.

Oh! And not just Johnny's, I'll also be active in the Ebidan fandom! Wahaha.

So, see you around!