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17 January 2017 @ 04:34 pm
Talking about movies  
Hi there! Aside from reading books, I'm also into watching animes and movies during free time. For anime, I am currently watching Toradora! and Gintama (2006). I'm barely halfway of Gintama tho. Hahaha. And oh, I'm waiting for new episodes of Detective Conan, it takes a while before a new one is posted. Well, today, I'm going to have a short talk about the movies I've watched recently. And also, I've created a Mydramalist account so I could keep track of everything I watch, but I am quite having a hard time recalling what I've watched. Hahaha.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Japanese)- Typical, boring shoujo story. I never thought I would get ever tired of watching shoujo. Huhu. Honestly, I watched it because of Yamaken and I don't know why he has the same role in most of his movies. He always stars in live action movies of shoujo stories, so its quite inevitable. So, the story is about a girl who had the popular guy act as her boyfriend and you can guess what happened next. They ended up together, happy ending.

If Cats Disappeared from the World (Japanese)- "If I disappear from the world, who on earth would be sad for me?" Nope, the cats did not disappear. Weird movie for me.

Back to the 90s (Thai)- Nice and light story, contains comedy and good music. It's a time travel movie, back to the 90s where internet's still a baby while pagers are the thing. A guy goes back in time to fix his parents' relationship which was 'hindered' by his father's childhood friend. What I've noticed about Thai movies is that it includes a 'band' in the story, alternative rock bands specifically which provides the movie a good vibe with the soft alternatives playing every now and then. The ending was a bit hanging tho.

I Fine, Thank you (Thai)- Another romcom movie, has a very good story and plot, I like the pacing too. It is about an English tutor who teaches the guy how to speak english so he can pass the interview to follow his girlfriend who left him for America (huh, na gets nyo? hahaha). I love the lead girl, she's very pretty and undeniably good in English. Haha.

Before Sunrise (American)- Weird, I watched an American film. I was so looking forward to watching this because of the good reviews. It's a nice, spontaneous movie. I love that the story is just a one whole day, yet many things happened and they talked about a lot of things. I thought something sad would happen at the ending, but fortunately it ended quite right.

Sweet Sixteen (Chinese)- This one is tragic. I really love Chinese tragic and dramatic movies, brings out intense feels. Hmm. I don't know how to explain the plot, but you can check it out if interested. One of the lead characters is an ex member of EXO, though I didn't really know when I watched the movie.

At Cafe 6 (Taiwanese)- Coming of age story, deals with conflicts during long distance relationships. It almost, ALMOST, has the same vibe to You are the apple of my eye, but it quite failed me. It was a bit tragic and the lead has his own issues to solve. What I like about it is the friendship between the lead guy and his bestfriend shown in the film.

I'm not sure if this is helpful. Hahaha. Pending movies I still need to watch: The Stolen Years, Remember You, and Love H2O.

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