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12 January 2017 @ 04:10 pm
Johnny's Jr. NOW  
As most of you know or notice, I am not really into Johnny's and Associates, but I'm still concerned about how are the juniors doing right now. It's really hard to catch because I dont know where to start looking for information. What I know for sure is that Bakaleya gumi is now Six Tones, but what about others? Is Mr. King vs Mr. Prince a permanent group? Is Aran Abe still with Travis Japan? Are there new groups to watch out for?

I know nothing is certain when you're just a junior and it's worse if you are not in a group.

I searched for Johnny's Jr. on wikipedia to see a list of junior groups and I got to see:

MADE (formed 2008)- Inaba Hikaru, Fukushi Nobuki, Akiyama Taiga, Tomioka Kento

They武道 (formed 2008)- Eda Tsuyoshi, Yamamoto Ryota, Hayashi Shota, Takahashi Ryu (ex mem)

ふぉ〜ゆ〜 (formed 2011)- Koshioka Yuki, Matsuzaki Yusuke, Fukuda Yuta, Tatsumi Yudai

Snow Man (formed 2012)- Fukasawa Tatsuya, Sakuma Daisuke, Watanabe Shota, Miyadate Ryota, Iwamoto Hikaru, Abe Ryohei

Travis Japan (formed 2012)- Nakada Hiroki, Kawashima Noeru, Shimekake Ryuya, Morita Myuto, Yoshizawa Shizuya, Nakamura Kaito, Miyachika Kaito, Kajiyama Asahi, Abe Aran (ex mem, omggg :( )

SixTONES (formed May 1, 2015)- Kochi Yugo, Kyomoto Taiga, Tanaka Juri, Matsumura Hokuto, Jesse, Morimoto Shintaro

Mr. King vs Mr. Prince (formed 2015)-
  Mr. KING- Hirano Sho, Nagase Ren, Takahashi Kaito
  Prince- Kishi Yuta, Iwahashi Genki, Jinguji Yuta

HiHi Jet (formed October 26, 2015)- Hashimoto Ryo, Inoue Mizuki, Igari Souya, Takahashi Yuto
  Past members: Haba Yuuki, Sakuma Ryuto, Igarashi Reo, Ukisho Hidaka, Iwasaki Taishou

天才Genius (formed 2015)- Motodaka Katsuki, Muraki Ryota, Sugeta Rinne

Classmate J (formed 2016)- Iwahashi Taisho, Sasaki Taiko, Konno Taiki, Wada Yuki, Minato Matsui, Fujii Naoki

Love-tune (formed 2016)- Yasui Kentaro, Sanada Yuma, Morohoshi Shoki, Morita Myuto, Hagiya Keigo, Abe Aran, Nagatsuma Reo

Junior Boys (formed 2016)- Members are not permanent

東京B少年 (formed November 2016) Tokyo B Shounen- Fujii Naoki, Nasu Yuto, Ukisho Hidaka, Iwasaki Taisho, Sato Ryuga

Goodness! I barely know the newer and younger juniors. I believe more and more groups will be formed later on. Even those in  group will still be mixed up. But I'm really rooting for Snow Man, Travis Japan, and SixTONES. Good luck guys!

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Housekinihousekini on February 15th, 2017 06:12 pm (UTC)
Doumo, I just barely know them from shokura/twitter/magazines but I have real news only about the ones I follow...

Ah yeah... I was sad too but because I liked LOVE-TUNE as a "Band" now it doesn't have any sense for me as group... (I hoped in a new version of "Question?")

(Sorry for the superlate reply)