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25 April 2016 @ 05:13 pm
Hello there!  
I am quite surprised that there are still a few LJ users who visit my journal. I just wanna say Hi to those who added me recently. I'm really happy. I haven't been posting recently because I am quite busy with school. I'm still against the thought of the whole academic calendar shift because the heat is just so killing me. Huhuhu.

To give you a glimpse about my recent activities related to Japanese fandom, I am into Tokyo Ghoul manga. I really liked the anime, so I decided to go for the manga. To tell you, it is even more interesting in the manga, more details, and it does not jump from one scene to another. I also watch random animes I find at kissanime. For music, I am really excited for SWANKY OCEAN ACOUSTIX's album because I really love Silver Lining, and I am also looking forward for FAKY's PV for Candy. A few weeks ago, I discovered the rock band NOISEMAKER which has an ONE OK ROCK- MY FIRST STORY vibe, so I instantly liked them. Sorry, for being so random. I also heard about Ryutaro Morimoto's new band, I hope they will do well. I'm quite sad I'm not into Johnny's Jr. anymore, I would like to get back to them, but I am not really sure.

Again. Hi everyone. Drop a comment if you would like. 😊